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Tree Trimming Services

If you need tree trimming services in North Central WV, from Bridgeport, to Morgantown, to Buckhannon, and the surrounding areas, there is only one place to call. Custom Tree Trimming, in business since 1996, offers trimming for trees on commercial and residential properties across the area. Our team can trim thick and unruly branches to help make your property more beautiful. Whether your tree is in an open field, or interlaced with utility wires, we can handle it! Have a tree that is spreading its limbs a little too far? We offer crown reduction services to reduce the area of the tree’s spread while still maintaining the structural integrity.

For quality tree services, contact Custom Tree Trimming. We offer emergency tree removal and tree trimming services when you need it. Call us today: (304) 669-2895.

Providing a Variety Services

Brush Hog
Emergency Tree Removal
Skid Steer (Tired & Tracked)
Stump Grinding

Tree Cabling
Tree Removal
Tree Trimming
Wood Chipping

Trust Us for Tree Removal
in North Central WV

When you attempt tree removal by yourself, it can be dangerous, and you run the risk of damaging your property. Do not risk it—call on the professionals at Custom Tree Trimming! Our team has all the necessary licenses and insurance! You can trust us to remove trees that are in sensitive areas, such as near buildings or that are intersected by power lines. We offer tree removal for all types of trees, and we have the experience to make the process quick, easy, and safe.

Call on Us for Emergency Tree Removal

When a storm hits your home or business in North Central WV, you may find that your trees are now damaged. Strong winds, heavy snow, lightning, and other severe weather can cause quite a bit of destruction to your property. Whether you find you now have a broken branch, a split tree, or a tree that has been entirely uprooted, Custom Tree Trimming can help! We offer emergency tree removal services to assist in repairing your property. From Bridgeport, to Morgantown, to Buckhannon, and everywhere in between, we arrive at your home or business promptly. Our experienced team will assess the damage to determine the appropriate actions, and then we trim or entirely remove the damaged tree. With our wood chipper, we can turn any fallen branches into mulch. We also provide total job clean-up to ensure that your yard returns to its original beauty.

Stump Removal Services Available

We also offer quality stump removal! Stump grinding is a fast and easy way to entirely remove a stump from your yard. The powerful grinder passes back and forth across the stump to eat away at the wood, turning it into wood chips. It removes the stump up to one inch under the ground, ensuring that the tree is entirely removed and allowing the remaining roots to decay naturally. Do not leave an ugly stump to mar your yard. Call on Custom Tree Trimming for reliable, efficient stump removal: (304) 669-2895.

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