Total Job Clean-Up for North Central WV

We Clean Up After
Every Tree Trimming Job

When you call Custom Tree Trimming for your tree trimming needs, you are calling a company that cares about how we leave your yard after the job is complete. Tree trimming can be messy business. Sticks and limbs falling, sawdust and wood chips flying–it can leave your yard looking like a tornado blew through. But when you rely on us for your trimming and pruning needs, we offer total job clean-up, so your yard looks clean and well-maintained. We bring our own wood chipper to turn the limbs we have removed into wood chips that you can use as mulch or that we can haul away.

To schedule a full-service tree trimming and total yard clean-up for your property, contact Custom Tree Trimming today: (304) 669-2895.

Trust Us to Clean Up
After Stump & Tree Removal

Tree removal can be messy. Not only do you have sticks and limbs everywhere from cutting it down, but you also have to deal with all the dust, woodchips, and logs that come with cutting down the trunk. Not to mention the fact that stump removal creates a pile of sawdust and woodchips. Custom Tree Trimming knows the debris our work can leave behind, and you can trust us to clean up entirely after tree and stump removal. When we assist you with cutting down a tree, we also always provide total yard clean-up to ensure your property looks as beautiful as it did before we arrived.

We Provide Emergency Clean-Up Services

High winds and strong storms can easily turn your yard into a mess. Tree limbs, leaves, and other debris can litter your yard after a windstorm. When your mess is too much for you to handle, give Custom Tree Trimming a call. We offer total clean-up when we assist you with any other sort of emergency services. When the fallen limbs need cutting up, or you have a broken tree that needs cut down and the stump removed, we can assist with the clean-up of your yard. Give us a call and let us know that you need emergency tree removal services: (304) 669-2895.

Grass Seed Spreading Gives You a Fuller-Looking Yard

When we cut down a tree and remove the stump, your yard is left with a bare patch. These patches can be ugly and can detract from your otherwise beautiful yard. The experts at Custom Tree Trimming offer grass seed spreading after our tree removal and stump removal jobs. Having a professional spread grass seed in your yard can help you achieve a fuller-looking yard.

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